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Vitriose® – Resistant Dextrin (Soluble Fiber)

Vitriose® is Resistant Dextrin an all-natural, non-GMO and non-Allergen soluble fiber which provides superior binding functionality with over two times the digestive tolerance of inulin. Vitriose® reduces calories and the possibility of digestive discomfort. It contains over 89% dietary fiber without impacting flavor and texture of finished products. Vitriose® has excellent process and shelf stability even at low pH conditions and high temperature. Manufactured using a superior technology that delivers controlled water activity!

Vitriose® is manufactured using a superior technology that delivers controlled water activity that is lower than in other soluble fibers.

Vitriose® has a low glycemic index and can be tolerated at very high usage rates.

Vitriose® is made from corn or tapioca. It is available as powder or syrup. It suits for Ovo-lacto vegetarians, Vegans, Lactose Intolerants, Kosher Diet, Halal Diet. It suits for Diabetics as part of a moderated diet.

Some Additional Benefits

No impact to taste, color, or texture. Available in liquid, powder and agglomerated formats. Consumer-friendly labeling. Replaces sugar and fat and reduces calories and providing bulk and desirable mouthfeel.

Product Applications

Vitriose® can be easily incorporated into a wide range of food and beverage applications, including flavored milks, sugar confectionary, chocolate, yoghurt, ice cream, dressings, sauces, bars, cereal, bakery and others.

Dietary and Intolerance Information

Vitriose™ is certified kosher and all-natural that is non-GMO and gluten-free. It contains no allergens as declarable under EU law.

Label Declaration: Soluble Fiber