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Polytriose – Polydextrose E1200 (Soluble Fiber)

Polytriose™ is a polydextrose solution with a light yellow color. It is a soluble fiber and low-calorie bulking agent used to provide texture and body in reduced-calorie and low-calorie foods. Polytriose™ is water-soluble,

Key benefits of Polytriose™: Calorie, sugars and fat reduction!

Polytriose™ has excellent digestive tolerance and fiber stability. It is easy to use (soluble, liquid and powder, low color and taste, sugar-like rheology)

Polytriose™ is fermented slowly throughout the large intestine, which increases its digestive tolerance while Inulin is quickly fermented in the upper part of the large intestine, which can result in gas, bloating or cramping.

Polytriose™ is a soluble fiber which is ideal in a wide variety of food and beverage applications. It is ideal for use in low pH systems and high temperature processes. Its stability ensures the fiber content. Polytriose™ can be used to replace sugar, decrease caloric content.

Polytriose™ suits Vegetarians and Vegans! It is allergen-free and Non-GMO!

Product labeling: As an additive it should be declared by its category name (stabilizer, thickener/texturizer of bulking agent followed by polydextrose or E1200).

Storage conditions:

Bulk: 5 – 25°C in a dry and clean place away from odorous materials
IBC, Drums: 5 – 25°C in a dry and clean place away from odorous materials

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